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The Digital Revolution in Education

#TIE3 Technology in Education Track

Room 101B


The digital era is causing the biggest cognitive revolution since the invention of writing. Knowing that the human brain adapts and changes according to the environment, we can say that we are probably experience a huge transformation in humanity accelerated by the speed of technological innovations. We moved from the Industrial Era to the Digital Era, where information is no longer scarce and become easily available. The new assets that education must provide today is critical thinking, creativity and connectivity to allow solving problems in real-time, which cannot be done with old formulas. In this sense, the scenario has become much more complex. While students have embraced quickly and naturally the new socio-technological environment, the institutions have struggled trying to adopt new educational and business models to face the transformations. This presentation will discuss the main transformations in how students learn and interact with education bringing us to the present scenario and then it will focus on the challenges and opportunities it brings to the educational institutions and educators.


Martha Gabriel
Professor, HSM Educacao

Martha Gabriel is PhD, researcher, leader and professor of the Marketing MBA at HSM Educacao. Best seller author with 5 published books. Ranked among the Top 50 Marketing Bloggers by Kred and among the 100 Top Web-Savvy Professors 2012 by Best Online Universities. International keynote speaker, 3 TEDx presentations. Website / Twitter: @MarthaGabriel

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