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The On-Ramp to a Successful Responsive Workflow

#AIM6 Applications, Integration and Mobile Track

Room 101F


The three main spokes in the wheel of Responsive Web Design are content, design, and development. Chances are you're not an expert at all three. The fact that you "get" RWD doesn't ensure your web projects' success. Many different people have a stake in the success of a web design project: content writers, information architects, graphic designers, front-end coders, back-end coders -- the list could go on. It's time to get everyone on the same page. It's time to create a better workflow. In this session, we'll discuss some ways to educate your team on the principles of Responsive Web Design and how this newly-acquired knowledge should naturally translate into finding better ways of doing your work; specifically, what your new responsive workflow might look like - by showing examples of how several web teams and industry experts are tackling this issue. Finally, we'll talk about how to foster continual innovation and education so that your team keeps pace with the speed of the web.


Peter Anglea
Web Developer, Bob Jones University

Peter Anglea is not your ordinary developer. He hates using technical jargon and prides himself in being able to explain complex ideas to just about anyone using everyday language. He has an eye for front-end design and a knack for back-end coding. Anglea is the lead developer for Bob Jones University's web marketing team where his responsibilities range from programming to social media. As a self-taught web developer with over a decade of experience, he is keenly aware of the pressures facing "armies of one" and the issues of working in a larger team environment.

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