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The Power of Intimacy

#TIE7 Technology in Education Track

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What differentiates compelling, life-shaping content that lives in the hearts and minds of its recipients from news blurbs that are quickly cast into digital oblivion? Kel Hahn, Associate Director of Communications in the University of Kentucky College of Engineering, believes it is an unwavering commitment to intimacy with one's work. Content developers -- whether writers, multimedia developers, social media developers, etc.-- must approach all facets of their craft with genuine curiosity, personal interest in people and a determination to promote others in ways that will bring them more recognition and opportunity. A commitment to intimacy will lead to greater job satisfaction and increased opportunities to positively impact others. In 2012, Hahn wrote an article about a professor who was conducting largely unfunded research that had the potential to directly contribute to his son's autism therapy. The article attracted the attention of the Chronicle of Higher Education, who also wrote an article. Four months later, the National Science Foundation awarded the professor an $800,000 grant for his research. While Hahn does not make a direct correlation between his article and the subsequent funding, he does contend that a commitment to intimacy in the research, interview and writing process is much more likely to produce such results than simply churning out content.



Kel Hahn
Associate Director of Communications, University of Kentucky College of Engineering

Kel Hahn has worked in communications, marketing and publishing since 2000. His writing portfolio includes magazine articles, three ghostwritten books, one co-authored book, two e-books and over 250 syndicated radio programs. At UK, Hahn is responsible for producing feature articles, internal communication pieces and all of the college's social media.

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