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Get More out of CSS with Less

#TPR2 Technical: Propeller Hats Required Track

Room 101G


CSS revolutionized the way we design websites, but anyone who's had to hunt for hex codes when updating colors or use long blocks of browser-specific extensions to implement features like rounded corners knows it's not always the most elegant tool to use. Less builds on where CSS falls short, adding support for variables, repeatable declarations and even simple logic to stylesheet documents. Less is 100 percent backwards-compatible with standard CSS, so there is no learning curve to get started and it can be integrated into almost any framework with ease. And since less compiles into minified CSS, it works with any modern browser. This session will introduce the language constructs of Less, including, mixins, parameters, guard expressions and functions. We'll look at several compilers for Less, including the official embedable JavaScript and command-line compilers, GUI-based tools that automatically compile as you edit, and third-party compilers that can be added to build tools and web frameworks. Finally, we'll discuss some strategies for getting the most flexibility from Less.


Jason Pitoniak
Technical Team Lead, Rochester Institute of Technology

As team lead for RIT's Enterprise Web Applications group, there's rarely a dull moment in Jason Pitoniak's day. Whether documenting requirements for a big new project or trying to figure out why file uploads suddenly stopped working, Pitoniak is always on the go. A programmer since about age 10, Pitoniak has been involved with nearly every aspect of web development for the past 15 years. When not sitting in front of a computer, Pitoniak can often be found hiking, camping, or mountain biking.

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