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Integrating the Use of Ellucian Luminis Portal with OU Campus

#AIM11 Applications, Integration and Mobile Track

Room 101F


The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga uses the Ellucian Luminis portal to allow students access to their data and registration services. Built on the Open Source Liferay portal, it also serves as a central authentication service for other services utilizing it's single-sign-on capabilities. During UTC's upgrade from version four to five of Luminis, Dan Chase investigated deploying static content used in Luminis with OU Campus CMS. While the campus knew allowing department users to edit dedicated special purpose content as they did in version four would be easier in five, campus officials wanted to move editing into the same interface they were using everyday to maintain their website. Doing so also allows better access control, with less complexity. Chase will share the trials & tribulations of what it takes to provide a better services to departmental users, while making the management of those services easier from an information technology perspective.


C. Daniel Chase
Lead Web Administrator, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Dan Chase has been involved with web development in higher education for over 15 years and has been speaking on the topic since 2002. Chase has been the one-man-shop, responsible for everything from Linux OS system administration to database and web server customization and programming. In his current role, Chase has stepped into integrating and leveraging vendor and local systems.

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