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Autoloading PHP with Composer

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Room 101G


Composer is a dependency manager for PHP that’s being quickly adopted in the PHP programming community. It allows you to quickly declare and install the dependent libraries your project needs, which means that in just a few steps you can auto-load the code libraries you need for the web application you are building now. In the words of Phil Sturgeon, “Composer is the best thing for PHP since sliced arrays.” In this session Vineyard will show you how to get started with Composer and how to start using it in PHP frameworks you’ve (likely) already used. He will also explain what it means to write PSR-0 compliant PHP code and how Composer and Packagist together, as a dependency management system, differ from PEAR, PHP’s older packaging system. If you happen to dabble in other programming languages, you’ll find that Composer is strongly inspired by node's npm and ruby's bundler.


Zac Vineyard
Director of Web Development, Northwest Nazarene University

Zac Vineyard is the Director of Web Development for Northwest Nazarene University and has been building websites for ten years. He specializes in front-end web design, content management, and application development. He loves PHP. He lives in Meridian, Idaho, with his wife and twin girls. You can follow him on Twitter @zvineyard.

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