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Study Abroad: Borrowing Ideas, Design, and Strategies from Beyond the Walls of Academia

#MPD7 Management and Professional Development Track

Room 106B


The big winners in marketing are rarely institutions of higher education. When tech blogs cover the coolest, newest, and most winningest, it's never that university that went through a redesign last month. If we face the facts, we're not blazing trails like the new startup that's got everyone drooling. That world feels like a foreign country when compared to the conversations and politics we deal with each day. So, maybe it's time we did our own sort of study abroad. Wouldn't it be cool if the best design and strategy wasn't happening outside of our hallowed halls, but was being made by us? Our 'study abroad' program will draw from the best design, the most effective messaging, and the smartest strategies to provide a vision of where creative marketing in higher education could be. Come be inspired, refreshed, and energized to do cool things.


Joel G Goodman
Principal, Bravery Transmedia

Joel G. Goodman is a jack-of-all-trades marketer, designer, and front-end developer at his creative media firm, Bravery Transmedia. He spent six years working in higher education web marketing at two institutions and holds a master of arts degree in Media Studies from The New School for Public Engagement. He lives in Austin, TX where the sun shines warmly and tacos never run out.

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