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Data-driven Interactives with D3.js

#WRK9 Workshops Track

Room 101B


Yes, you can deliver rich, interactive, highly designed experiences without Flash. NewCity developer John Williams walks you through some of the more interesting JavaScript-based charting libraries, then focuses on the most flexible of the lot: D3.js. A relatively recent addition, D3.js is the successor to Protoviz. It has broad browser support and can manipulate both HTML and SVG-based DOMs. Far more than just a charting library, D3.js brings the data-driven, highly-designable interactive capability to the native browser. Over the course of this tutorial, Williams will demonstrate actual public uses of D3.js, then walk you through the basic concepts and structures you need to know to get started with the library.


John Williams
Systems Architect, NewCity

John Williams is a web developer with seventeen years of professional experience on public-facing web sites for organizations both large and small.

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