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I invited a Geek to the dance and loved it: Collaboration unlocks the information hidden in our data

#AIM1 Applications, Integration and Mobile Track

Room 101F


The days of the computer person, tech person and web person all being the same person neatly tucked in the corner with their toys are becoming a thing of the past. In this session, Donald R. Malone will discuss how insight gained over years of experience and a collaborative mind set within Student Affairs has helped applications for student programming successfully move from a paper to a digital process.
Malone will share how real time data streams allow directors and program assistants to monitor ongoing applications and interview processes and make informed decisions concerning future planning. From data dashboards that include charts and graphs for visual learners to grading rubrics customized for handheld devices to assist in standardization, features in this project and many like it have allowed the Division to realize savings in more than one area. Each new project provides an opportunity to collaborate or “chance to dance.” New features born of that opportunity help the Division as a whole, with technology serving as the common thread between each department.



Donald R. Malone
Director, Web Development & Processes, The University of Alabama

In 2006 Donald R. Malone joined the Division of Student Affairs at The University of Alabama. What started out as a one-man show, under his leadership, has since developed into a charismatic team of three, known as Web Development and Online Processes (WDP). Each day presents an opportunity to work on a new idea or a chance to collaborate on a new project with a different campus partner that helps a different student. Over the years Malone has come to view himself not as a technology guy who works in higher education but rather a Student Affairs Professional who's expertise is technology.

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