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Orientation: From In-Person to Online

#TIE6 Technology in Education Track

Room 101B


Last year, Xavier University made the decision to move from six in-person, on-campus orientation and registration days to an all-online experience. While the move offers greater flexibility for students and saves them the time and expense of traveling to campus, it also affects a large number of offices on campus, creating challenges from a technical side, as well as in coordination of content. Dozens of representatives came together from offices all across campus to attempt to make their disparate content feel more unified and to rework it in an engaging, online format that would still achieve the goals of the registration process and the learning outcomes for the orientation experience.

Rob Liesland, senior web developer, helped shape the direction and decision-making of this large, diverse group, creating the tools they needed to organize their content and a blend of formats to deliver it. Liesland will discuss the various elements that needed to be moved from in-person to online, the challenges this content presented and what method was chosen to represent it. He will also discuss the insights gleaned from analytics and feedback for the success of the project.



Rob Liesland
Senior Web Developer, Xavier University

Rob Liesland, Senior Web Developer, began his career at Xavier University as a programmer/analyst and moved to web development in 2007. He specializes in web application development, aided by his intimate knowledge of Xavier's administrative systems.

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