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Let Me Introduce Myself: faculty, staff, and student profiles for community-building and careers

#UAD6 Usability, Accessibility and Design Track

Room 106A


Faculty, staff, and student profiles can be a powerful tool. They can serve as a first point of introduction, an easy way for community members to maintain a professional presence, and an opportunity to identify your institution with the accomplishments of your community members. They can also be an out-of-date wasteland, a UX nightmare, and a flashpoint for political and administrative conflict. In this presentation, Matt Ryan will discuss Carleton College's recently-launched profiles, what they learned in the process of designing and making it, how they attempted to solve those thorny issues, and what you can bring back to your institution from their experience.


Matt Ryan
Associate Director of Web Communications, Carleton College

Matt Ryan has been designing things for higher ed for 16 years. At Carleton he tries to be the glue that holds the designers, writers, and marketers together with the coders and sysadmins. He loves doing user observation, solving tricky interface problems, and making delightful things.

Mark Heiman
Senior Web Application Developer, Carlton College

Mark is the lead application implementation person for the Web Services group. He takes the building blocks that Carleton purchases or that we create and makes them work together. He is the man behind the online directory, the events calendar, and much more useful stuff.

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