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Can blogging really make a difference to a student’s academic experience? Is there any real value to maintaining a blog? Can we prove there is value added to the educational experience? You bet there is, because we’ve studied it! In general English classes, blogs have been used to encourage engagement with other students, increasing the quality of writing and discourse in the classroom. In a basic nutrition course, students create content for general publication and engage deeper with the material to gain a greater understanding of their chosen topics. In composition classes, students who blogged had almost double the success in getting a paper published in a reviewed journal, either as is or with only minor revisions. (We even have the data to prove it!) In our Year Abroad programs, student blogs put it all together -- documenting their travels, providing geographic and cultural touchpoints for students and instructors back in the campus classroom, and provide some of the best marketing material the department has ever seen, all in the authentic student voice. Instructors are finding real value in these blogging initiatives and often, when they try it in one course, are anxious to integrate blogs into other classes as well. So don’t knock the blog -- in fact, promote it. It does a student good.


Robin Smail
Renegade Element, UX Lead, Firebrand Tribe

What is there to say about Robin2go? She is loud. She is a chewy center of enthusiasm, wrapped in a shiny candy coating of laughter. She has an uncanny ability to build community around her just by walking into a room. She's notorious in higher ed, as inescapable as her red hair, favors authenticity and transparency over political correctness, and can tie any lesson to a Firefly quote.

Audrey Romano
Web Coordinator, Penn State University

Audrey Romano is a web designer and strategist with Teaching and Learning with Technology at Penn State. Her super powers are development, design, and implementation of websites. She delights in new ideas, solutions, technologies, and new shinies.

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