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How I Made this Presentation: Using the Tools of the Web to Present About It.

#MPD4 Management and Professional Development Track

Room 106B


As Web professionals we spend years developing expertise with the tools of our trade, but when it's time to give a presentation we throw our lot in with Powerpoint, or Keynote, or maybe Google or Prezi. Well, times have changed, and now there are good *web* tools we can present with. In this talk I'll show you how to make the task of preparing a presentation more like what you already do best, how to leverage your existing tool sets, and how choosing this approach can improve both collaboration and sharing.


Sven Aas
Lead Web Applications Developer, Mount Holyoke College

Since 2006 Sven Aas has worked at Mount Holyoke College, where he is responsible for the development and support of a wide variety of web systems and solutions. He has 17 years of professional computer experience in web and application development, including positions at Rare Medium and HBO. He has a master's in computer science from NYU, and a bachelor's in astronomy from UMass Amherst.

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