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ResourceSpace Digital Asset Management System

#AIM12 Applications, Integration and Mobile Track

Room 101F


Digital assets are playing an increasingly important role in institutions. Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) now has a collection that includes 1.5TB of photos, 7TB of videos, and hundreds of thousands of internal documents and publications. And SVSU is not unique in this aspect. Digital Assets are growing at an exponential number and there needs to be a way to index and retrieve all of these assets. ResourceSpace allows users to submit resources in a variety of ways, automatically converts resources into formats that users can use with their default software, and allows for administrators to easily catalog and index the resources for the users to find, with a minimal amount of effort. The first phase of implementation of ResourceSpace at SVSU started with archiving the university’s 500,000 photos. The second phase included setting up workflows to catalog and index the documents required for the mandated HLC accreditation. And the third phase set up a public facing catalog for the University’s publications. In this presentation, Maturen will walk an audience through the steps of installing ResourceSpace; configuring workflows for groups, users, and resources; and introduce the audience to the built in plugin system and how to maintain an updatable core system. ResourceSpace is created with common methods including PHP and MySQL while leveraging open source libraries to handle lower level tasks.


Aaron Maturen
Web Developer, SVSU

Aaron Maturen is a web developer for Saginaw Valley State University with a passion for learning. He has dabbled in many different languages, but is known for being a Python and Javascript connoisseur. You’ll often find him reading the source of fun javascript libraries or the ECMAScript spec. Aaron has also been labeled the “database guy” to many, and is known to “make databases cry”.

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