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Building a Calendar That Doesn't Suck

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Lots of schools have great websites.  How come so few of them have great calendars?

Jason is the president of White Whale Web Services, developers of the LiveWhale content management system. In 2012, the LiveWhale team embarked on a quest to create the perfect higher ed calendaring system. In the process they learned something calendaring is SUPER HARD. No wonder there are so few good ones!

Over time the team adjusted its goal from "building the perfect calendaring solution" to "building a calendar that doesn't suck." They believe they've succeeded.

In his presentation, Jason will talk about the reasons calendaring is so hard, and the reasons so many calendars suck, and some ways to make your own calendar suck less (whether you use LiveWhale Calendar or not).


Jason Pontius
President and Founder, White Whale

Jason Pontius is the president and founder of White Whale Web Services, an eight-person Oakland-based firm specializing in web design and development, strategic marketing and content wrangling for colleges and universities.  He also leads the team of geeks that power LiveWhale, our higher-education-focused CMS, and LiveWhale Calendar. 

Jason has been designing and building websites since 1997, when he began exploring the field of interactive design as a complement to his graduate study in linguistics and Slavic languages at the University of Chicago (where he holds a master’s degree). He lives in Alameda, a short bike ride from the office, with his wife and children. 

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