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Hyperlinked Native Mobile Applications

#AIM5 Applications, Integration and Mobile Track

Room 101F


Although the world isn't quite ready to accept it yet, app stores will go away and become a thing of the past.

What will take the place of app stores? Will the mobile browser takeover? Will there even be a concept of mobile vs. table vs. desktop? No, this isn't a talk about native vs. HTML5.

The World Wide Web has enabled so many technologies, even in the past 5 years. Yet it seems like we've taken a few steps back when it comes to native mobile application development. The World Wide Web though has provided us with a very important concept that has been slow to come to mobile applications: the hyperlink.

Wouldn't it be great if native mobile apps worked the same was webpages do in the browser? In a browser, when a link is clicked, the browser navigates to the URL and renders the markup to create an interactive user experience. Why can't we do that in native mobile applications? Well guess what? With a little bit of mashing-up of existing technologies, we can!

In this talk, Jim Muir describes technical methods for achieving this on various platforms (iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10). There will also be a demo of a real-life "hyperlink-enabled" application.

Imagine having a single university-wide native mobile app with a distributed content model, in which the content from any department, college or other group can be hotlinked!




Jim Muir
Senior Mobile Developer, The Ohio State University

Jim Muir is a mobile developer for The Ohio State University in the Office of the CIO. He joined as a student for University Libraries and was then hired full-time as a web developer. After six years, he left the libraries to become a member of the OSU Mobile team within the OCIO. He dabbles in all sorts of tech, such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Grails, Rails, PHP, Node.JS, responsive web, and HTML5.

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