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Faux Pas, Phonies and Flub-ups: How to Handle Social Media Spoofs, Goofs and Snafus

#MPD11 Management and Professional Development Track

Room 106B


OMG! There’s a typo in my post and it already has seven likes and a share. UH-OH! Someone created a phony account for our mascot! YIKES! I just tweeted from Happy Hour – on the College’s account. If you’re human (you are, right?), then that means you’re bound to make a mistake. Don’t beat yourself up about it, kid! In this session, Talarico will fess up about a few of her own minor mistakes and then share how she handled them. She’ll also address parody accounts (and E-town's parody and comment policy) and snarky remarks, as well as address, with permission, spoofs and goofs of a few of her peers. All in all, mistakes are learning opportunities—and that’s what this session is all about!


Donna Talarico
Integrated Marketing Manager, Elizabethtown College

Donna Talarico is the integrated marketing manager at Elizabethtown College. Before working in higher education, she worked for a leading eCommerce developer/Internet marketing company and as a radio promotions director. She also is the founder and publisher of Hippocampus Magazine, an online monthly literary magazine dedicated to creative nonfiction.

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