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Git in the Van: A Punk Rock Approach to Revision Control

#TPR7 Technical: Propeller Hats Required Track

Room 101G


Annette Liskey argues that Git is the ideal revision control system for development teams because of its distributed model. Git's flexibility allows for non-linear development, with options for branching and merging that meet the developers' needs rather than forcing them to conform to the workflow enforced by the system. By allowing each contributer to work individually with a full copy of the code repository, Git promotes experimentation and autonomy in programming. Analogies to the punk rock movement help to demonstrate Git's small footprint, fast implementation and heterarchical system for approving code changes. Liskey's experience with Git comes from implementing it in the workflow for Technology and Design, a team that includes over 20 student employees and only two professional staff members who provide marketing and creative services for the University Unions department at James Madison University.


Annette Liskey
IT Coordinator, James Madison University

From an Associates degree in Computer Science to a Bachelor of Arts in English, Annette Liskey has learned to appreciate the technical, the creative, and the blend of both aspects found within the specialty jobs executed by student employees at TAD. Liskey is the current IT coordinator for TAD and acts as gatekeeper of project orders by advising and working with the student employees.

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